CliniProWeb Is Your Complete Clinical Diabetes Data Management Solution

What if your clinic had one diabetes data management system that could download your patients’ diabetes device data via the cloud, display that data in a thorough set of charts, trending graphs and summary reports, and transfer those reports to your EMR via an HL7 interface?

You would be saving a lot of time and money with CliniProWeb by NuMedics.

Over 1,100 clinics across the U.S. rely on NuMedics clinical software solutions to increase efficiency and improve patient health outcomes. Call today to see how we can help you.

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CliniProWeb Benefits

Thorough Reports

Analyses, trends & summary reports track BG levels, insulin, testing, events, plan compliance

Multiple Devices

CPW downloads data from most popular diabetes devices from major device companies

Patient to Clinic Sync

Patients using Diabetes Partner share device data securely & automatically via the cloud

EMR Interface

Quickly create PDF reports & place in EMR patient files via HL7 interface + fast printing

Strong Foundation

Built by NuMedics, pioneer of collecting & analyzing diabetes data since 1994

Innovative Future

Based on NuMedics' full EMR software, CliniPro, CPW has robust upgrade path

The Reports You Need to Improve Patient Outcomes

CliniProWeb delivers thorough, accurate and easily visualized analytic charts and graphs that allow clinicians to track and monitor vital indicators without being overwhelmed by data.

CPW tracks glucose levels, medication, diet, illuminating trends and indicating patient compliance, so you can devise customized, effective health plans and proactively intervene as necessary.

Save Time and Money with Patient Data Downloads Direct to CliniProWeb

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Never spend another minute of precious appointment time downloading patient device data. CliniProWeb works in sync with Diabetes Partner, NuMedics' application that empowers patients to download data from their diabetes device and automatically share that data via the cloud with you. As part of your CliniProWeb subscription, you will be able to provide Diabetes Partner Free Download accounts for all your patients, so they can download their device data at home and automatically share it with their care team. You always get their latest data so you can track trends and proactively intervene if necessary. Plus you'll spend zero appointment time downloading patient device data and more time with your patients devising effective health regimens.

Over 1,100 clinics across the U.S. use NuMedics software solutions to save time and money, and improve patient outcomes. Call us today to find out how we can benefit your practice, too.

Optional Capabilities

laptop screen HL7 to EMR flow

Quickly save any patient report as a PDF and place it in their EMR patient file via a HL7 Interface.

Lab setting

HL7 connectivity direct to National Lab plus an interface for the Hospital Lab system.

Injectable prescription vials

Check prescription benefits, view medication history, check drug interaction and allergies, and prescribe securely via the cloud. Certified by Surescripts® for interoperability with pharmacies across the nation.

Education written on chalkboard

Schedule patients for classes, create customized classes, view patient attendance, and access progress reports. Patient education improves compliance and promotes successful outcomes.

NuMedics: Helping Doctors Manage Patient Care & Clinic Administration Since 1994

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In 1993 NuMedics founder, Kazi Ahmed, was diagnosed with Diabetes.

Realizing he could improve his health by measuring and tracking his blood glucose levels and medications, he created Diabetes Partner, pioneering the collection of data from a wide variety of diabetes meters and turning it into easily visualized analyses and summary reports that patients and their care providers could use to help create better health outcomes.

Following the success of Diabetes Partner, NuMedics created CliniPro, revolutionizing clinic operations by combining diabetes data management solutions with a full EMR system. CliniPro is succeeded by CliniProWeb, which works in sync with Diabetes Partner to remotely download patient data and complete the care communications loop between patients and clinics. NuMedics currently serves a growing market of over 1,100 clinics, which in turn care for tens of thousands of patients across the U.S.

Creating more efficient clinic operations and better patient health outcomes through diabetes data management – that’s what NuMedics is about.

Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Clinic

  • Features

  • Direct Download
  • Patient Portal
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • 9 Charts & Graphs
  • Care Plan Report
  • Report Printing
  • 5 Day/Week Support
  • All Upgrades Included

Clinics vary by number of doctors and staff, how many patients they see, whether they are specialized endocrinology clinics or general practices with endocrinology specialists, and other factors. So why should diabetes data management software come with a "one size fits all" price?

At NuMedics, we take pride in providing our premier, time-proven data management software in a very affordable range that takes your needs into account. In fact, CliniProWeb is the most affordable data management option available.

We also take pride in our individualized service and support that we provide for our clients across the U.S. So if you'd like to work with the company that gets to know your clinic, and your needs, give us a call. We look forward to discussing how CliniProWeb may be the right solution - at the right price - for you.

Call For Your 30 Day Free Trial Today: 1 (888) 254-8728

Your 30 Day Free Trial comes complete with training and customer service access.

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Device Compatibility

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Patients using any of these devices will be able to transmit data to you automatically and securely via the cloud using the free (download only) or Premier version of Diabetes Partner.